So you've decided to sell your home - if you're downsizing or moving to a new place - whatever the purpose, you'll need to take some necessary and careful steps before putting your home on the market. Selling a home can be a stressful process with so many factors to consider. If you want to sell your home in 2021, you should know what to expect from the housing market this year and how to better prepare. Fortunately, we've put together a quick and easy guide on how to sell your home in 2021 just for you.


The housing market in 2021: What to Expect

A lot has changed in our daily lifestyle, especially in the way we function in our homes. If you're planning to sell, you should start preparing your home now. It's not a bad idea to put your house on the market as soon as possible. Here's a quick 5 step guidelines in selling your home. 

1.) Employ a home inspector

Knowing the state of your home will help you during the negotiating process with prospective buyers. Buyers often use their own home inspection to wheedle deals from sellers, such as trying to lower your asking price. If you've already taken care of these issues, it's less likely that anything new will arise and influence the negotiation.

2.) Repair and update your home

You want to find ways to make it stand out, and making initial repairs and improvements to your home can make or break your sellability. So, before you put your house on the market, look for easy ways to brighten it up. This will greatly increase your chances of having a good impression of your homebuyers. 

3.) Find a Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent that can fit your bill can be a challenge. Accessing recommendations and reading online feedback are excellent ways to begin narrowing down your choices. A few things to consider before hiring your real estate agent are:

a. How many clients have you served?

b. What is the cost of your services?

c. What services do you have that can help me?

4.) Price your house right

You should never set your sights on a single number and expect it to happen. Market conditions change all the time and so does buyer behavior. Conducting an assessment is one option. Invite home appraisers who are qualified practitioners who can determine the worth of your home based on its condition and the current housing market. They'll assess your property size, its interior and exterior conditions, as well as any renovations, additions, or home improvements you've made, before determining the value of your home based on current market conditions.

A comparison of recently sold homes in your area will also assist you in determining a price. However, you should price your products strategically. Rather than comparing your home's price to those in the neighborhood, price it based on its unique selling features.

5.) Get your home photographed by a professional

Professional photography markets your home better. Your listing will receive very little traffic if it is portrayed online by poorly taken photography. Not to mention the fact that houses with professionally taken pictures sell for better prices on average than other listings. You can consider having your home digitally scanned, or have aerial photography to get a good bird's eye view of the entirety of your property.